Recognised Prior Learning

The BTWA Recognised Prior Learning process has two parts:

Part 1

This guide has been provided to assist you identify your key skills and knowledge to support your application for Recognised Prior Learning against the competency units within the building and construction industry.

Part 2

Pay the unit fees, attach the application documents and attend the formal assessment (written test requiring a 100% mark)

Please Note: The RPL process still requires you to complete an assessment to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as well as having workplace experience in each unit of competency.

RPL is a great tool if you have extensive workplace experience and can validate it. This is not a 30 minute process and unless you have all of the requirements you are better off enrolling in the subject.
Read the details relating to the performance criteria against each unit of competence.

  1. RPL or RCC will only be granted against the whole unit of competence.
  2. Collect and provide evidence to show that you can meet ALL of the elements shown within the unit of competence. (Refer to evidence guide)
  3. Think about this because your assessor will, regarding your evidenceIs it:
    Valid – Does it match the unit of competency?
    Sufficient –Is it enough?
    Current – How old is your evidence? (Refer to note relating to currency on the following page.)
    Authentic – Is it your own work and will your bosses allow you to provide it?
    Knowledge test – Can I pass an upfront written assessment on the subject content?
    Employability Skills – I am performing these tasks in a workplace environment?
  4. Where to get this evidence?
    Certificates of Completion/Statement of Attainments of Formal courses or training programs undertaken;
    Proof of paid or unpaid workplace experience for a period no less than 12 months;
    Letters of validation (see Guidelines for Letters of Validation for details)
  5. When you have completed the above steps, collate and organise the information and return by post, email or hand deliver to BTWA your Training Organisation along with the payment for the subject fee
  6. Subject fees for enrolment are set by BTWA and will vary from the usual scheduled fee for training, according to your eligibility for RCC or RPL. The minimum fee is $300 per subject each application plus incidental and assessor costs.
    * incidental costs will be quoted to students once your application has been received.
  7. You are required to participate in a formal assessment. This knowledge test (approximately 60min) requires a satisfactory demonstration of knowledge as stated in the subject unit of competency.  100% must be achieved to be successful.
  8. We will endeavour to complete this process within 30 days during our normal trading hours of business.
  9. Upon the successful completion of these items a Statement of Attainment will be provided:
    Provided the evidence mapped against the self assessment of knowledge checklist for the subject.
    Deemed have adequate knowledge by completing the formal written test.
    Validation checking process has been completed on the authenticity of evidence
    The assessor result
Our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) information is presented for the purpose of disseminating information free of charge about the concept and practice of Recognition of Prior Learning for the benefit of the public.
It is recommended that users exercise care and judgement in assessing the suitability of these materials for their own applications and contexts.
BTWA takes no responsibility for views or recommendations expressed therein or for consequences arising from the use of these linked products

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