Skills Recognition / Recognition of Prior Learning

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Part 1 – Self Assessment Guide – After making contact with us in regards to obtaining RPL, a guide will be provided to assist you in identifying your key skills and knowledge against the Units of Competency (UoC) relevant to the qualification that you are seeking.
The Institute of Building Technology Western Australia has the following qualifications on scope, and can RPL any UoC within them: CPC40508 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management) CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction CPC60115 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying.
Part 2 – Formal Application – You will be required to submit the application form along with supporting evidence, clearly outlining which UoC you are requesting recognition for. You will be invoiced the Unit Costs (plus any incidentals). Upon payment of this invoice, an Assessor will determine whether you will be required to sit a formal written test, or if oral testing is appropriate.

Please Note that the RPL process will always require you to complete an assessment to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as well as having workplace experience in each UoC.

RPL is a great tool if you have extensive workplace experience and can validate it. This is not a 30 minute process and unless you have all of the requirements you may be better off enrolling in the subject.
Things to consider regarding the RPL process:

1. Have you read all of the provided information before completing the application?
2. RPL or RCC will only be granted against the whole unit of competence, not individual elements.
3. Collect and provide evidence to show that you can meet ALL of the elements shown within the unit of competence. (Refer to evidence guide)
4. Regarding your evidence, the assessor will be determining whether it is: Valid – Does it match the unit of competency?
Sufficient –Is it enough?
Current – How old is your evidence? (Refer to note relating to currency on the following page.)
Authentic – Is it your own work and will your bosses allow you to provide it?
Knowledge test – Can I pass an upfront written assessment on the subject content?
Employability Skills – I am performing these tasks in a workplace environment?
Where do I get this evidence?
• Certificates of Completion / Statement of Attainments of Formal courses or training programs undertaken.
• Proof of paid or unpaid workplace experience for a period no less than 12 months.
• Letters of validation (see Guidelines for Letters of Validation for details – this will be provided to you with your application material)
When you have completed the above steps, collate and organise the information and return by post, email or hand deliver to BTWA
Fees for service are set by BTWA and will vary from the usual scheduled fee for training, according to your eligibility for RCC or RPL. The minimum fee is $350 per Unit of Competency and may incur incidental fees and charges.
You are required to participate in a formal assessment. This knowledge test (approximately 60min) requires a satisfactory demonstration of knowledge as stated in the subject unit of competency. A mark of 100% must be achieved to be successful.
We will endeavour to complete this process within 30 days of receipt of your application, during our usual trading hours.
Our refund policy can be found on our website home page. By submitting an application you verify that you acknowledge the refund terms and conditions.
Upon the successful completion of these items a Statement of Attainment will be provided to you within 30 days of completion, during our usual trading hours.

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