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Technical Advice and Mentoring

Business Development Bronze Technical Assistance (6 months)
Business Development Gold Business Mentoring (6 months)
Business Development Policy and Procedure Package
Business Development Silver Business Assistance (6 months)

Gold Builders Business Mentoring

Commitment / support: Monthly 1 hour Mentoring Session over a six month period
When: Agree dates – via outlook appointment scheduling
Time: To suit your schedule on a Friday
Delivery: Face to Face at our facility in Myaree
Topics: Business model, strategies, development KPI reviews, Business Improvement, Performance reviews, HR and finance ratio’s to suit your business.
Cost: $295 per month [paid monthly in advance by eft or direct debit authorization]

Silver Builders Business Assistance

Commitment / support: Monthly 30min Mentoring Session over a six months period
When: Agree dates – via outlook appointment scheduling (same week response)
Time: To suit your schedule on a Mondays or Friday
Delivery: Face to Face at our facility in Myaree or Phone conversation/ Skype Video call.
Topics: Contract administration, project management, dealing with difficult clients, business improvement methodologies etc. …
Cost: $188 per month [paid monthly in advance by eft or direct debit authorization]

Bronze Builders Technical Assistance

Commitment / support: 10 calls up to 5 minutes over a six months period (Use or lose period).
When: Contact office for a phone appointment scheduling (same day response)
Time: To suit your schedule on a Mondays or Friday during standard working hours
Delivery: Phone conversation/ Skype Video call.
Topics: BCA, defects, practical completion process, opinion and work quality etc.
Cost: $750 per each six month period [paid monthly in advance by eft or direct debit authorization]

Builders Policy and procedure package

Builders business customised policies and templates-HR, Admin, Safety, SPM, KPI’s, Site, PM.
We can review your business with regards to business improvements with an aim to help increase productivity, create efficiencies and decrease costs.
Cost: $2,500 to $15,000 ballpark range; to be quoted. ($185/hr ongoing service).


GOLD Builders Business Mentoring sessions typically will discuss and address your building issues, provide shared knowledge and experiences and hold you accountable for taking clear, decisive action and resolving issues.
The focus of our mentoring is your development, to ensure you have a confidence and a strategy with a high probability of success. Business development mentoring assists in creating and managing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Marketing, Business (basics) accounting methods and financial ratios that are essential to creating successful organisation.
Business Process Improvement means we can review your structure and procedures to ensure processes are stream lined and costs may be cut in certain circumstances. So often the business model changes with economic influence or life choices and we need to take business with us and not leave it behind.
Often it is a sound board to clarify your opinion in building matters like contract conditions, defects, interpretation of building and safety legislation and handling difficult clients.

SILVER Builders Business Assistance includes conducting a ‘health check’ of the business. This will assist in diagnosing how well your business is performing, and by gaining practical support on a wide range of issues, you will benefit greatly from an objective, outside perspective and be able to take your business to the next level. Discuss project and contract administration issues.

BRONZE Builders Technical Assistance provides support to builders in the first years of trading. We offer a point of contact regarding your building projects so when you have those difficult questions regarding BCA, defects, liability, work quality, practical completion and difficult clients. Someone to discuss those difficult decisions you need to make.

BUILDERS POLICY AND PROCEDURE PACKAGE is the next step in your business. We interview your needs and customise simple and easy to use documents for the business like; Human Resource, KPI’s, Safety, Safety Management Plan, Administration and onsite/offsite inductions etc. all listed on a document register.

Additional Training

EXCEL and SIMPLE ACCOUNTING – One on One (Myaree)
• Business upskilling is of paramount importance. This will enable you to have direct access to key Business Development personnel at BTWA;
• Excel (windows software) training to develop reports and templates like; quotes, variations, practical completion inspection reports etc.
• Accounting basics training develops essential business knowledge that provides insight into what is really happening inside your business.
If you want to make your business more profitable and achieve the lifestyle you deserve, enrol in this service.

Why Business Development?

Without a planned program for business development your business simply cannot improve. If business is not improving it follows that it must be either flat lining or in decline. All businesses are complicated at times and are either moving north or south. Rarely will a business remain static and just produces the result without the owners’ continuous improvement.
Most small business owners are doing the best they can and yet they are frustrated with the level of performance in their business.
It’s a clique! Most owners are so busy working IN the business that they do not have time to work ON the business. However this is true in most cases
While all of this activity is going on there is little in the way of business development happening.
• How are your policies and procedures going?
• Do you have a policy register?
• Are you reviewing the quality plan?
• How are your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) going?
• Have you got the right KPI’s for your business?
• Have you got the right financial reports in place?
Business Strategy
Strategy is all about defining how you intend to play the game. In a sense this is all about the over-all game plan. In business a great deal of time is spent creating the business strategy. For business and teams the winning formula that sees the business out perform their competitors and achieve the financial out comes the business is targeting. However as builders sometimes we need to be fluid in our conceptual visions on where we are going and positioned against the marketplace.
Business Model
This is really fundamental and in so many cases, owners do not give “Where are we going” any consideration. Our considerable knowledge and experience enables us to very quickly evaluate your model with a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes you need help as to whether or not it is viable, can it be improved, or simply is too time consuming with little or no profit. Are we keeping an open mind and a finger on the pulse from year to year?

Our Business Development Workforce Profiles

Other Consultants
Qualifications – Business Degree
Skills – Ability to train across diverse groups of people ensuring business outcomes are met.
• Strong leadership skills with the ability to mentor and empower staff to achieve business objectives.
• Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with people management issues across the organisation.
• Ability to develop and implement processes and procedures and assemble resources to ensure the delivery of business objectives.
• Strategic planning skills with the ability to plan develop and carry out solutions to achieve operational priorities.

Wayne Jones
Dip. Building, Dip Building and construction (Builders Registration WA), Dip Management, Assoc. Dip Applied Sci. Construction, Dip. Int. Design. Cert IV Housing Estimation, Cert IV Building Supervision, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Member Australian Institute of Building, CEO, Company Director, Registered Building Practitioner (WA), Registered Building Services Contractor (WA), Builder 10528.
Building and Construction – Residential, commercial and industrial , Defect reporting, Contract Administration, Project Management, Expert defect reports, independent building reports
Education – Training, Specific training in the workplace, Registered Training Organisation
Business – Policies and procedures for business, safety management plans, H.R. Management , Marketing Business development.

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