Building & Defect Inspection Reports

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Building Defect Reports

Expert Building Reports ( SAT)

Preparation of a Building Inspection Report – visual assessment of the condition, for major defects only, of the reasonably accessible and visible selected primary building (structural) elements of the building during the inspection, including the subject residence and associated areas.
The report is prepared by BTWA and in accordance with the requirements of;
1. Appendix A Pre-purchase Structural Inspections Australian Standard 4349.1-2007
2. Inspection of Buildings Part 1: Pre-purchase inspections – Residential Buildings
This Report is a subjective appraisal prepared by a qualified building practitioner, on a visual inspection of the condition of the accessible elements (only) of the building. It is not a full Property Inspection Report and on the basis of the current structure, soil and weather conditions at the time of the inspection and does not include enquiries to councils or other authorities. It is not a certificate of compliance for the building within the requirements of Building Act 2011 or regulations.
The Report will not disclose defects in concealed or inaccessible areas, defects that may be apparent in weather conditions like heavy rain etc or defects that have not yet occurred prior to the inspection date. Nor does this Report cover maintenance items, however, we can prove an option to detail issues like binding doors, locks, windows, catches, decorative finishes, drummy plaster, hairline or spider cracks etc. if requested by the client.
This is in accordance with Category 0, 1 and 2 of Appendix C –AS 2870-2011.

Expert Report

An Expert Report prepared by a building practitioner in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.0-2007 Inspection of Buildings Part 0: General Requirements and to any other Australian Standards cited in these Terms and Conditions.
The building practitioner will only inspect the accessible elements of the building. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that any inaccessible element or area of the property that can be made reasonably accessible for an inspection, where appropriate for the scope of advice sought, are made so, prior to the inspection. Areas which are not reasonably and safely accessible will not be assessed.

What is covered in the Expert Report?

The Report is prepared, in good faith, on a visual review of the documentation and instructions, whether in writing or verbal, provided by you, the property owner.
The Report is limited to a visual investigation of the item, area or matter of your concern. Where this relates to a defect or problem with a building or property element the building practitioner will, where appropriate:
• Investigate and advise on the cause of the defect;
• Provide advice on the repair or maintenance of the defect;
If required we can assist with a profession or technical expert to undertake further investigation.

What is not covered in the Expert Report

• The Report will not contain advice on any matters beyond the scope of the advice sought.
• The Report is based on the condition of the property and the prevailing structural, soil and weather conditions at the time of the inspection.
Unless specifically and explicitly agreed in writing with the owner prior to the inspection the Report is based on a visual inspection of reasonably accessible parts of the property and does not cover enquiries of councils or other authorities.
• The Report will not disclose defects in inaccessible areas, defects that are not reasonably visible, defects which may be apparent in other weather conditions or defects which have not yet arisen.
• This Report does not include a pest inspection report, however, it will address the BCA deemed-to-satisfy requirements if requested.

Our Service Agreement

It is implied when engaging our services; Institute of Building Technology Western Australia (BTWA) will act in the interests of the Client unless the Client’s instructions are unethical or unlawful or instructed by the court. This agreement applies to all work undertaken by BTWA for the Client and its terms and conditions will remain in effect until varied by agreement in writing between the parties.

BTWA Professional fees for reports and expert opinions

The Client will pay BTWA professional fees calculated in accordance with the rates below (or as varied from time to time by written notice to the Client) which are inclusive of GST and exclusive of Disbursements (the Fees). The Fees vary according to the experience and skills of the person dealing with each matter in which BTWA acts on behalf of the Client and the complexity and urgency of the work.

Report (standard) 1 – 20 items

$600.00 – $800.00

Report – 20 to 40 items

$800.00 – $1,000.00

Court Appearances – 3 hours*
*Hourly rate charged at $225.00


*Hourly rate charged


Expert opinion
*Hourly rate charged at $225.00


Expert opinion – consultant
*Hourly rate charged at $225.00


The calculation of Fees will include all attendances by telephone, correspondence and conferences and by any other means; and will involve all research; preparation, drafting, amending, settling and perusing of all documents; attending in court or other tribunal, including waiting time at court or other tribunal and travelling time throughout the state of Western Australia, as an expert witness.

Other expenses

The Client will pay all out of pocket expenses (Disbursements) which BTWA has incurred in properly advising or representing the Client, including, but not limited to, other fees, consulting experts’ fees, transport and parking costs, telephone charges, postage, courier and delivery charges, other incidental expenses plus office costs at BTWA’s current rates (Office costs) for:

Facsimile communications – sending at

$0.60 per page

Photocopying or PDF Copy (emailed) at

$0.40 per page

Phone calls to Mobile and Phone calls Local at

$0.80 per minute

Travel and accommodation cost plus 12% basis

12% mark up on actual cost

Transport at

$0.75 per kilometre travelled plus parking at cost

Invoice payment by EFT prior to release of any report. All of which office costs may be varied from time to time, by written notice to the Client.

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