Builders Registration WA Application Service

  • Registered Builders application assistance


  • Building Practitioners application assistance

The Institute of Building Technology WA can assist with application submissions to the Building Commission of WA for those wanting to become Registered Builders and Practitioners.

Our service helps with the preparation of Practitioner, Contractor and Company Applications.  Check with the Building Commission of WA that you are a suitable applicant.

We can sit down with you and explain the finer details of the application requirements

Contact our office for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Building Commission Examination Training

We tailor a training program to meet the minimum skills knowledge that would be expected from a person holding a current Builders Registration classification in WA.

Lectures and resource documents are available during the 3 hour training sessions. The delivery method is innovative, customised “face to face” education.

We will assess your knowledge and provide gap training.  In most cases, it will take 3 to 6 training sessions to upskill and develop your knowledge, to a level required for the examinations. You may only require one session for oral questioning and discuss the examination techniques.  Each individual has different requirements and knowledge gaps, so we only provide "one on one training" for this situation.

Some participants may realise that “Up Skilling” or 'Gap Training' is needed and need to enrol in further studies to attain better underpinning knowledge.  We provide the Certificate IV and Diploma of Building and Construction in Western Australia.  

The program is designed to assist persons who can apply under this section. You should contact the Building Commission to confirm you are a suitable applicant for the supervisors/managers section.

Subject descriptions and examinations:

Criteria covered in this program include building technology, quantities & estimating, financial and contractual aspects of work as a builder with an open class registration.

The BC examinations consist of 3 examination papers, along with 1 take home assignment pitched at a Diploma of Building knowledge level and requires you to have the much needed BCA knowledge for low and medium rise construction. 

Building surveyors require an understanding of relevant compliance requirements as well as of traditional, new and emerging construction methods and materials.

Building & Surveying

Whether it be a commercial, public or private rental property or before you start any renovation or maintenance work - the important issue is Risk Mitigation.


Our training program is tailored to the minimum skills knowledge that would be expected from a person holding a current Builders Registration classification in WA.

Want to be a builder?

We can review your business with regards to business improvements with an aim to help increase productivity , create efficiencies and decrease costs.

Builders Mentoring

Office and training rooms are located at:
98 North Lake Road Myaree 6154

Phone:    08 9317 4468
Post:   PO Box 103 Melville WA 6956
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