Asbestos Inspections are required to determine building material integrity.  Be it a commercial, public or private rental property, or before you start any renovation or maintenance work, the important issue is Risk Mitigation.  It is estimated that 1/3 of all homes built in Australia contain asbestos. Western Australian legislative obligations like OSH Act 1984, Regulations 1996 would need to be considered.

Asbestos training

Institute of Building Technology Western Australia runs the following Asbestos courses:

Restricted Asbestos licence training course

ü  WSRAL001 (Worksafe WA training requirements to apply for a Restricted Asbestos Removal Licence)

Asbestos Units of Competency (Nationally Accredited) within the CPC Training package

ü  CPCCBC4051A Supervise asbestos removal

ü  CPCCBC5014A Conduct asbestos assessment associated with removal

ü  CPCCDE3014A Remove non-friable asbestos

Units are Mixed Mode Delivery “face-to-face” lecture and self-direct learning.

Customised training for corporate clients includes;

Day 1: Theory component (face to face delivery) in our training facility in Myaree WA

     Self-directed element of training requires reading the learners guide

Day 2: Practical simulated activities and formal assessments

Note: Work Safely in the Construction Industry (CPCCWHS1001A) – This national unit of competency is a prerequisite unit for all asbestos related units we conduct under the CPC10 Training Package.

Meeting industry needs with Customised Asbestos Training that we could offer;

Training Program consists of Mixed Mode Delivery “face-to-face” lecture and self-direct learning. Our customised training for non-competency level course includes;

Day 1: Theory component and practical simulated activities in our or your training facility.

ü Option 1. Visual and grading of asbestos material

ü Option 2. Asbestos types and awareness

ü Option 3. Legislative requirements for asbestos


When was the dwelling built? Probability of Asbestos in the dwelling
Built before 1985 Highly Likely
Built during 1985 – 1990 Likely
Built after 1990 Unlikely


OSH Regulations require you to verify that the area is safe for normal use prior to re-occupancy. Visual determination of asbestos material checklists are required to be carried out by a competent person. There are varying degrees of competency depending on the nature of the worker’s task or what is being assessed.

As requiring a competent person to undertake a specific task or activity, it is a matter for the employer to take reasonably practicable steps to determine if the person engaged to do the work has acquired through training, qualification or experience the knowledge and skills to carry out the task.

We need to consider how we deal with;

  • The asbestos identification checklist can only be completed upon the satisfactory findings of a visual material degradation inspection.
  • The asbestos material area, and the area immediately surrounding it.
  • Visible asbestos contamination in the form of loose asbestos.


BTWA is a listed Registered Training Organisation with WORKSAFE WA

Institute of Building Technology Western Australia Pty Ltd will not be liable to update or revise the training to take into account any events or emergent circumstances or facts occurring or becoming apparent after the date of the training.

Building surveyors require an understanding of relevant compliance requirements as well as of traditional, new and emerging construction methods and materials.

Building & Surveying

Whether it be a commercial, public or private rental property or before you start any renovation or maintenance work - the important issue is Risk Mitigation.


Our training program is tailored to the minimum skills knowledge that would be expected from a person holding a current Builders Registration classification in WA.

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We can review your business with regards to business improvements with an aim to help increase productivity , create efficiencies and decrease costs.

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